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If you are a practicing physician and are interested in treating early-stage COVID-19 patients please register with us using the form down below. 

This will enable members of our private association who may have early-stage disease to contact you for treatments that might include a dosing schedule of interferon-alpha and tretinoin analogous to what is used in patients with myeloproliferative disorders like leukemia. 

One of these schedules might involve 3 million international units of interferon-alpha administered via subcutaneous injection on alternative days (three times a week) along with about 10 mg of tretinoin taken orally 4 times a day (five days a week). For example a patient may be prescribed:

  1.  Interferon-alpha (3 million IU) Monday,Wednesday and Friday

  2. Tretinoin 10 mg (QID) Monday-Friday

This schedule may be repeated for several weeks depending on patient tolerability and clinical responses.

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Doctor Registration

Thank you! We will contact you about getting involved shortly. 

This experimental strategy is based on preliminary reports and case histories that primarily focus on early-stage COVID-19 patients.


Some of these reports suggest that advanced stage COVID-19 may want to avoid interferon drugs because of concerns they might worsen the proinflammatory cytokine storm, while some reports do not report this happening in small patient groups.  

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