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Wave 2 May Have Begun in Florida

The rate of new cases of Covid-19 in Florida has been rocketing up the whole month of June, but Thursday's count has shattered the already record setting counts of the previous few days with 8,933 new cases being reported in one day alone.

A critical reminder about Covid-19 - because the incubation period averages 5-6 days for symptomatic patients, we are really looking into the past about a week as far as the trend of true, new cases is concerned.

What is to come is speculative at this point, perception of risk is critical to creating compliance with social distancing protocols and use of PPE. Unfortunately, the typical approach thus far seems to be more reactive than proactive.

But the data now is clear, at least to those paying attention. The uptick in both positivity rates for testing and confirmed cases is alarming.

The latest data for the state is a reported positivity rate of 13.5% for new tests conducted.

The historical data is presented below.

Link to data

Florida residents interested in monitoring routinely updated data can do so here.

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