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Statin Use Associated With 71% Lower Odds of Severe Covid-19

New data from the American Journal of Cardiology links statin use to faster recovery times and a 71% reduced likelihood of developing severe Covid-19, which expands upon previous evidence that statins were associated with improved Covid-19 mortality rates.

The retrospective single-center study analyzed 170 patients hospitalized for COVID-19 between February 10, 2020 and June 17, 2020. Overall, severe disease (ICU or Death) occurred in 53% of COVID-positive inpatients.

Of the 170 patients in the study, 27% were actively taking statins on admission, while 21% were on an ACE inhibitor and 12% on an ARB.

Use of ACEs or ARBs did not demonstrate statistically significant association in effecting disease severity.

The following graphs demonstrate the decreased likelihood of developing severe disease and the better odds of a speedy recovery among those using statins.

Of note regarding this study, is that the group using statins had been using them prior to admission to the hospital. Meaning it is unclear whether the correlated therapeutic benefit comes from acute use of statins upon hospitalization or from an accrued usage over time.

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