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Serious Brain Disorders Found in Mild Covid-19 Patients

A variety of different neurological complications, some lasting, were found in many Covid-19 patients with some having little relation to the severity of the patient's illness.

In a study of forty-three Covid-19 patients (only twenty-nine of which were confirmed cases), ten patients had central nervous system syndromes, eight patients had strokes, seven patients had peripheral nervous system disorders, five had undiagnosable neurological disorders and twelve patients had neuroinflammatory disorders.

The data regarding the likelihood of developing comorbidities and lasting complications is frightening and speaks for itself.

Of the eight patients who had strokes there were no complete recoveries and one patient died.

Of the seven patients who had peripheral nervous system disorders, five had incomplete recoveries.

Of the twelve patients who had neuroinflammatory disorders, only one fully-recovered, ten had partial recoveries and one patient died (same stroke patient).

The authors made clear, "the high incidence of acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, particularly with haemorrhagic change, is striking. This complication was not related to the severity of the respiratory COVID-19 disease."

The recovery rate was far better for patients developing encephalopathies with nine out of ten making a full recovery with just supportive care.

Of note, several patients had more then one neurological ailment simultaneously between the five categories delineated.

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