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  • Covid-19 Info Team

Nature Research Reveals Timeline of Coronavirus Illness Progression

On June 30th, Nature published a wealth of information about the metabolic effects of coronavirus into a handbook, within it was an insightful disease progression section which highlighted that the point of peak viral load lags way behind the point of peak inflammation.

Large spikes in inflammation are a reflection of the overall intensity of the cytokine storm a Covid-19 patient is experiencing.

This overreaction of the immune system is a chief instigator of mortality.

It is a resounding point of focus for researchers because it is becoming all the more apparent that the level of inflammation exhibited in severe cases of Covid-19 is extremely dangerous, excessive and most often unnecessary, as the virus is already steeply on the decline by the time hyper-inflammation takes place.

The researchers noted that the decline in viral levels occurs independently from recovery or progression to severe and critical stages of infection. Meaning hyper-inflammation is the main driver of the disease and the key factor to control at the time that it becomes present.

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