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  • Covid-19 Info Team

Metformin Drastically Reduced Mortality in Diabetic Covid-19 Patients

A study of 283 hospitalized diabetic patients in Wuhan, China found a substantial difference in the covid-19 death rates of those taking metformin and those who were not.

The study comprised of 104 participants taking metformin and 179 patients who were not. The two groups were similarly matched for age, comorbidities, disease severity and need for oxygen support.

At entry, the metformin group had worse blood sugar control overall then the control group at time of entry, but blood sugar levels averaged similar between the two groups throughout the duration of the study.

Only 2.9 percent of participants on metformin died during their hospital stay, compared with 12.3 percent of those who didn’t take metformin.

Besides blood glucose management, the study authors speculated that metformin might have "other mechanisms through which it has protective effects in COVID infection."

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