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This Site is No Longer Being Actively Updated

As of August 21st, 2020, the Age Reversal Network will be shifting all resources back to its core mission of defeating the human aging process. New content will no longer be added, and existing protocols will no longer be kept current following this date. 

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The purpose of this website is to convey data that might save the lives of those infected with SARS-CoV-2.


As this website was being designed, there remained a lack of high-quality, rigorous data about validated treatments for severe COVID-19.

This lack of knowledge prompted our private association to work around-the-clock to identify therapies that may reduce the risk of a patient worsening to severe or critical stage COVID-19.

Our sense of urgency is intensified by reports indicating that patients fortunate enough to survive severe stage COVID-19 disease often suffer systemic tissue damage and persistent health problems.
As we uncovered preliminary data and sent it to others in our network, some potential experimental treatments began to emerge that might save lives.
This website was established to open-source medical information that in normal times might be considered premature. But these are not normal times.

How to Use this Website


We began analyzing data for this website in early March 2020 and much of it was drafted into a lengthy, early narrative titled What Your Doctor May Consider if COVID-19 Symptoms Worsen.

As more information accumulated, we created an “Interventions” tab on the top that enables you to read about heparin, interferon-alpha, antibodies, remdesivir and inflammation suppressing drugs (All of these drugs should be administered in a medical setting).


We then created a Key Dangers tab to enlighten readers about some of the pathological mechanisms that are occurring in SARS/Cov-2 infected patients, especially in advanced stages of COVID-19 disease.

The latest update to this website discusses the use of interferon drugs plus tretinoin in early-state COVID-19 with the objective of enhancing innate immune functions. There is preliminary evidence that this may help eradicate SARS-Co-V-2 before it worsens to a more severe disease stage. 


We’ve created a landing page for physicians to be listed who may be willing to oversee early-stage COVID-19 patients treated with medications like interferon and tretinoin.


There is a Suggestions Box for those who may want to contribute additional non-commercial data about more effective ways to prevent or treat COVID-19 disease.


This can be accessed under the Connect With Us tab.


The NEWS section will try to emphasize important breakthroughs and key insights regarding Covid-19 that are appearing in various press releases, data sources and news networks moving forward.


Please know we are updating this non-commercial website when time permits.  


Information Dissemination and Discussion Groups


Given the rapid and evolving nature of medical/scientific data on COVID-19/ SARS-CoV-2, some or most of the information on this website may be rendered obsolete, or worse, incorrect at any future time. 

Much more validated data is likely to be discovered over the next 3-6 months. 


The reports contained herein are based largely on pre-publication reports and evidence from previous published studies.

If you contemplate initiating any of the suggestions discussed on this website, please remember that these are all still in experimental stages and not subject to rigorous clinical trial design, execution or peer review.


Data pertaining to experimental treatment options are disseminated for public education purposes. 


COVID-19 patients and their families may choose to share this information with treating physicians for experimental considerations.

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